American Immigrant Representation Project

The Justice Campaign is proud to partner with the American Immigrant Representation Project (AIRP).

AIRP is an initiative spearheaded by former Southern District of New York Judge Shira A. Scheindlin (U.S.D.J., Ret.) and Faith Gay, founding partner at Selendy & Gay, and whose efforts are overseen by an accomplished group of litigators and advocates in New York. 

The inspiration for AIRP emerged from recognition that immigrants held in detention centers have the deck firmly stacked against them. Detained immigrants: 

  • Are isolated from their families and communities;
  • Suffer poor conditions of confinement;
  • Are often detained in jurisdictions with law unfavorable to immigrants; and,
  • Experience extremely low rates of representation.

 AIRP’s leadership recognized that the private bar is in an unparalleled position to help immigrants, who are under siege like never before. Detained immigrants receive pro bono counsel less than 2% of the time even though immigrants with attorneys are ten times more likely to prevail on the merits of their cases than their unrepresented counterparts.

Attorneys are a critical lifeline for detained immigrants. Please join us to make a difference by signing up here or emailing AIRP’s Project Manager to learn more.

Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about volunteer opportunities currently available through the AIRP/Immigration Justice Campaign partnership, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page here.

To learn more about the training, mentorship and other support that the Immigration Justice Campaign provides to AIRP volunteers, click here.