How We Train

Welcome to our online training hub!

The Immigration Justice Campaign supports its volunteers by providing access to an online library of training materials and toolkits that is tailored specifically to lawyers who are new to immigration court and immigration detention.

Working with AILA, the American Immigration Council, leading non-profit organizations, and individual practitioners nationwide, The Justice Campaign has gathered highly-curated, top-of-the-line materials designed to provide step-by-step guidance to volunteers, including:

  • introductory level webinars and presentations;
  • an introductory guide to immigration court practice and procedure;
  • key excerpts of leading treatises, sample case files and exemplars, templates, as well as more advanced articles and practice pointers;
  • in-person and online trainings; and
  • Guided Learning sequences that provide attorneys with a strong foundation in each subject area.

For access to our full range of educational resources, join the Justice Campaign and sign up to help a detained immigrant get a fair day in court.